about us.

it all started here. a bus stop at school, freshman year of college. we talked, we laughed, saw each other around...years went by. he dated someone else, i dated everyone else...till one day the stars aligned.
12.26.09 first date. 
12.13.10 let the marital ecstacy begin.

we're musical theatre graduates who have big dreams, and lucky for us, we get to do it together. our motto? "adventure is out there!" our adventures have taken us to live in London, W Yellowstone, and now Florida. these are our tales. the successes, the hilarity, the blissful existence that is ours.
artist of all kinds. actor/singer/dancer. tall, dark, devilishly handsome. extremely fashionable. graphic design guru. ice cream."waiting for guffman". "modern family". can grow a mean fro. 
actress/singer. travel. sweet potato fries. lasagna. never the same hair. longs to cook...well. "casablanca". "parenthood". loves her lipstick, and her sweet husby.
& him.
 our newest arrival, alfie.
likes: eating, momma, papa, and bathtime...pretty much in that order.


The Dahl Times said...

Seriously so fun.... Laura and I were laughing so hard

The Dahl Times said...
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