Sunday, November 15, 2015

An Alfie Update // 23 months.

what a joyful little bubba i have. 
he is definitely getting to be more and more of a handful. but everytime he starts to act out and I start to loose it, it's usually because he needs some love and I haven't been giving him enough. Sometimes when he says his name, it sounds like "happy" :)
he can count to ten.
he lost his toenail by dropping a large sharp rock on it in lake powell. it's growing back all wavy now, poor dude.
he is starting to say 3 syllable words, my favorite being, "peekaboo".
loves racecars and magnets.
he is starting to feed himself and sit in his own big boy chair at the table.
he calls Mickey Mouse, "meeka".
he LOVES dancing to the hot dog dance.

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