Friday, September 4, 2015

Alfie Lyle Update

 Oh my goodness. I could eat my boy UP. He is the most scrumptious, delightful, silly boy ever. 
Some things I want to remember about my boy right now:
  • He says "cool dude" and puts his thumb and pointer finger out.
  • He says "cheeeeeeeese" and puts his two hands up by his face like jazz hands. It's unreal cute.
  • He sings with me in the car and repeats the last thing I ever say.
  • He if terrified bubble baths.
  • Loves to play with his water table outside.
  • Loves to steal taste of momma's Dr. Pepper (which he calls wa-errrr (water))
  • He calls cookies, cooties.
  • He's a little confused and thinks monkey and Mickey mouse are the same thing. So he says "oo oo ee ee show" when he wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Calls Papa Lyle, Pyle.
  • He has stopped using a lot of signs like he used to because he's so good and talking.
  • He's started to have a few "terrible two" tantrums. Getting really sensitive and frustrated with things.
  • Now that I am home so much more, Alfie is much more sensitive and clingy.
  • He hasn't survived an entire day of nursery yet :)
  • He is obsessed with cars, planes, and choo choos.
  • He loves wearing shoes-his, mine, daddy's.
  • He hates rides at Lagoon!
  • He loves to take soap when he's in the bath and rub it all over himself.
  • Loves to color and paint just like his daddy.
  • Dancing right now means bobbing his head to the beat. He loves music.
  • He takes 4-5 hour naps a day.
  • He loves eating-especially candy (aka canny).
  • "Car show" is an obsession.
  • Watching him sign "star" is insanely cute.
  • He loves to sit and read books and will point out balls, trees, bubbles, balloons, dogs, cats, horses, water, grass, flower, car, etc.
  • He knows what a horse, cat, and dog say.
  • He still thinks a pig and cow say "meow".
  • He is starting to pick up on colors.
  • Loves to play "pony boy", "doesn't have a hole in it", and "motorboat".

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Sista Em said...

And he says Emi 😘😘😘