Tuesday, June 9, 2015

An Alfie Update // 17 months

My little sweetheart is growing up. Slowly but surely he is acting and looking more like a little boy and less like a baby. And while it breaks my heart, we are having so much fun. We take so much pride in his breakthroughs and discoveries and gush to each other about them in bed every night.
His feet have grown three sizes in 3 months. 
And the more he grows, the more I can see Addison in him. 
 He loves hats! And wearing sunglasses and shoes. He loves to be outside ("a-siiiighh"). He loves swinging and the slide and says "weeee" the whole time. 
 He goes up and down stairs like a pro. He has "whisper words". Words that for some reason he always whispers, like "papa", "pizza", and "hat". And yet he has a really loud, high pitched, "book!" Hahaha so cute.
His motor skills are killer. He could organize and put things in and out of containers for days. 

 I've lost count of how many words he signs and says. Some of my favorite right now are Laila (ayy-yeah), amen (meh!), candy (canny), show (doggy show!).  Or when he signs please, fish, flower, and thank you!
He has 12 teeth, with 4 on the way! He's OBSESSED with balloons.
He LOVES to be chased, but mostly caught and tickled. He boops everyones nose and blows kisses goodbye. He knows where his hair, eyes, nose, toes, teeth and ears are.
He frequently will sit on his giant giraffe pillow and ask for a show. (101 dalmations, up, lady and the tramp, and baby signing time are his favorite)

He recognizes when planes and cars are by and imitates them.You can often him hear singing "Baby Signing Time" and doing the signs by himself.
He loves mom and daddy's Dr. Pepper.
Oh, and he has finally started calling me "mum" :)

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