Sunday, April 26, 2015

My mom: the graduate

My mom graduated this week! I couldn't be more proud of her! She is amazing and so dedicated. I'm so grateful to have a mom who knows the importance of a good education.

Monday, April 6, 2015

An Alfie Update

It is so hard to keep up on updates with our guy now! He learns something new everyday. And it seems whenever I pick him up from a nap, he's grown. Such a fun and exciting time to be a mom. I just glow with pride everytime I see my boy. 
Well, he's a model:
He walks like a pro. Usually with a hat on. He signs baby, dog, eat, more, all done, drink, wind, tree, leaf. He says ball, dog, dada, car, bob (mom), papa (grandpa), gaga (grandma), kah kah (cracker, always in a whisper), book, eyes. He knows where his toes, eyes, and hair are. He has 8 teeth and one molar. He holds about anything up to his ear and says, "hi". He knows what a dog and car say. He waves and says hi and bye. He laughs whenever other people are laughing-like he's in on the joke. He likes lots of complex tasting foods-stuff with lots of seasoning. Hates mac and cheese, but will eat pretty much anything else. Loves hot tamales. Loves going outside and will explore all day long if you let him. He still takes 2 2 hour naps a day, though he might fight a bit on it. He loves to put on hats, shoes, necklaces, and bracelets. 

Welch Cruise

I have just realized, a travesty has happened. I NEVER BLOGGED ABOUT OUR CRUISE!!! This is so not ok, because it was one of the best vacations ever, and deserves to be annoyingly over-documented!
We woke up early in the morning for our flight to Florida!
 The view from the ship was beautiful! Especially at sunset.
Everyone was so helpful with Alfie! Always begging to walk him around and entertain him. It was such a breeze taking him on the ship!
Obviously one of the best part was the food! Pina Coladas, Mahi Mahi on the ocean, fish tacos! I had a new years resolution to be more adventurous with my food, and I think on this cruise alone I succeeded! I had lobster, sushi, escargot, alligator, and frog legs! Everything but the frog legs was delicious!
 Me and my childhood bestie happened to be on the same cruise! What!?
I got a pedicure in Cozumel!
 Family dinners were the best. All sitting around talking about our favorite thing of the day. I sure love this family of mine!
 Key lime pie on a stick! In the Keys!
 We went parasailing!
 We swam with dolphins!
Had to get a pic at Alfie's bar!
 Then we came home and all got the flu :) It was awesome, and totally worth it! 
Merry Christmas to us! We love you Momma and Papa Wayne! 
We will never forget these incredible memories!!!