Monday, March 9, 2015

hello blogging world.

So, it's been a while. I think about blogging all the time, and I miss being more apart of this world. Sadly my priorities have slightly shifted in the past few months and every waking moment I am either at the theatre, working on business, cleaning, taking care of Alfie, or dressed up like a princess at a 4 year olds birthday party. All things I love. Blogging has been on the back burner, and a bit of a treat, now that I think about it! So instead of some big catch up of the last few months, I'm just going to pick up as if this were a regular thing. 

Last week we decided to do something a bit spontaneous. We woke up, and went out to breakfast to explore downtown SLC. I love Salt Lake. I feel like it never gets enough credit. It truly is such an incredible city. So much history and growth. One thing (among MANY things) that I have loved about photography is the cool locations that Addison and I have been able to discover together. I love that it pushes us to look for the beauty and quirks around us. We started our day off at the Judge Cafe and Grill. It's inside the historic Judge Building on Main and Broadway. The salmon BLT was to die for. We continued the day at Union Station and the Public Library, neither of which we had been to before. 
Lo, and behold. The first time Addison has tolerated a book. Haha, just kidding. (Addison hates books BTW....)

It was a glorious time. We are working on honing in on our craft...s. SO. MANY. CRAFTS. But we are exploring, and making mistakes and I have to keep reminding myself that that's good. 

In other news, I am beyond thrilled that I got cast in The Little Mermaid at Hale Centre Theatre. I can't wait to get started. And so happy I get to see my favorite mermaid again. Until then, come see me in Ghost!-xoxo

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