Thursday, January 15, 2015

alfie cake smash.

It seems like another life ago that I was laboring all day today in Florida. And yet, I can't believe I've been a mom for a whole year. The past year has been so joyous. I can't tell you how much fuller and richer my life has become. I can't wait to start my day with this smiling face everyday. He has completely stolen my heart and changed me. Happy BIRTHDAY sweet Alfie Lyle. Every day with you is a treasured one. Some things I want to remember about you right now are:
  • your eyes look like giant sliced olives. they're so dark! and with just a hint of green. i love them so much!
  • your first word was "dog"! you know say and recognize, "mama", "da", "ball", and "car" (even the man that strolled in in a wheelchair at church, you promptly pointed to and said, "car")
  • speaking of pointing, you do it all day long to anything and everything and usually whisper something like "kah!" or "go!" in the most urgent voice you've ever heard.
  • if you could eat all day long, you would. you love pickles, little oranges, nutter butters, popcorn, dr. pepper :(, ritz crackers, gnawing on apple slices. you dislike: salmon, cheese slices.
  • you have the sweetest big open smile with 4 teeth, two on bottom, two on top.
  • if you get a hold of anyones two hands you are off walking like a rocket! if you're at home, you go straight down the stairs to look at the dolls in the display case, or to the piano to play. every. time.
  • you love to sing along with mom and dad. "ahhhhhh!" all day long, especially in the car.
  • you've just started to dance! to anything with a beat. you'll pop up and down, it's adorable.
  • you love baby signing time!
  • you clap after musical numbers (baby signing time, sacrament hymn...)
  • you point and recognize dogs everywhere!
  • you've just started to imitate everything we say, burps, laughs, small words....

Sometimes the cake was so sweet, he shivered ^^ here he is mid-shiver!
Happy Birthday little button, squishy, scroodle doo!

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