Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Years to remember.

I love to throw a good party. I've only now realized my great love for parties-which is slightly ironic because I can definitely be an introvert sometimes. But I feel parties, on my own turf, allow me to push past my anxieties :) New Years Eve this year, I think was my most successful parties yet. I loved the group of my sweet friends and family gathered close with hopes of a new year of progress.
We laughed a ton, stayed up till 3, and even ended the night in a sibling sleepover, which was awesome. We went out for seafood the next afternoon, which symbolizes my strife to try new things in the New Year. I always have a hard time with seafood, so I make it a goal to eat it every New Year. It gets easier every time :)
 It was a cheese party, which also helps me try new things. Star cookies, because the future is "bright".
 This girl though. Cracks. Me. Up! We love our Sophia!
 Just a memah lovin on her grandchillins.
 We sure adore this New Year baby.
 Playing a hilarious adverb game.
 Final countdown!
 And we ended the night in sparklers :)
Since moving back from Florida, I have a greater appreciation for relationships and nurturing them. I love these people. My new years' resolutions were to be a unplugged (from technology) momma-and as a real person too :) to grow our businesses, and build our savings.
How's that for grown-up resolutions??

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Shawnee - Sassy in Sweatpants said...

You throw a great party! We love you guys!