Thursday, December 18, 2014


So yesterday I had to go in to WORK. gahhhh. My dad needed some extra help at his office. I haven't clocked a day of work since April. And I was NOT happy about it. Much to my surprise, Addison brought me McDonalds Breakfast to eat in bed! HUZZAH. It's my favorite. Unfortunately, I haven't eaten that early in a long time either. So I ate a couple bites and couldn't get myself to eat anymore. I rushed off to work with McDonalds still in the bag to eat when I was feeling up to it. I got off the freeway to pick up my cousin for the commute. and there was a homeless man on the corner with a sign that said, "hungry". I did the usual thing...pretended I was really busy, avoided eye contact, turned up my music. But in my attempts to avoid eye contact, I looked down at my basically untouched McDonalds meal at my feet. When the light FINALLY turned green, guilt spread up my body into my through as I sped off. When I got to the next light I realized I had gone the wrong way.

That guilt melted away as I realized I would have to go right pass the man again. I had been given a second opportunity to accept the prompting and give. I anxiously waited for this light to turn green, but for another reason than the last. I couldn't wait to roll down my window and signal that man over. I got to the next light and signaled him over. He bounded over with glee and accepted my meal. It was awesome :)

My dreaded day at work got the start that it needed, and was a joyful stress free day.

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Bailee said...

That's such a great story, Bre! Thanks for being such an awesome example. I should stop to give to those people more often. I really appreciated reading your story :)