Saturday, December 27, 2014

the best Christmas ever.

Put it down in the books, it was officially the best Christmas ever.
We started Christmas Eve off bowling with the Welches, which never disappoints. 
Christmas Eve night we were with my family, where this whole crazy crew gets together for sibling gifts and a nativity :)
 Alfie was a bit overwhelmed!
 That night we drove to the Welches to have a sleepover and to spend Christmas morning.
 Matching PJs! So fun to have some additions from last time we did this. Welcome to the family Alex, Lexi, and Alfie! We received a CRUISE from the Welches this year, and we couldn't be more excited! I bought myself a new swimsuit, and can't wait to get in some quality time with these party-ers.

Alfie was the a picture perfect gift receiver. It made me tear up how he would squeal in delight at seeing each gift! Everyone told me he would just be into the boxes and wrapping paper. He TOTALLY got it though. He was into unwrapping things, and he'd peek in the box and squeal, and then loved playing with the actual toy. He was a dream. My favorite moment of all of Christmas was watching this sweet reaction as he opened a ginormous giraffe pillow pet from his uncles! He just kept hugging him, and he's not a cuddler!
Alfie was totally spoiled with oodles of cars, puzzles, push toys to walk with, etc. What a sweetheart.
 It was also the Christmas where this ^^ face was born. I've seen him do it a couple times, but it really came to life Christmas day. With his scrunchy nose, and flared top lip he had the family rolling in laughs.
 Alfie was also perfect trained to say "ho ho ho" whenever he saw a Christmas tree. 
It is so awesome. Christmas was pure magic with him this year.
I had no idea last year at this time, when I was so uncomfortably pregnant with this boy,
 what a joy and life he would be in my life. We love you little button!
Merry Christmas!

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