Saturday, December 27, 2014

the best Christmas ever.

Put it down in the books, it was officially the best Christmas ever.
We started Christmas Eve off bowling with the Welches, which never disappoints. 
Christmas Eve night we were with my family, where this whole crazy crew gets together for sibling gifts and a nativity :)
 Alfie was a bit overwhelmed!
 That night we drove to the Welches to have a sleepover and to spend Christmas morning.
 Matching PJs! So fun to have some additions from last time we did this. Welcome to the family Alex, Lexi, and Alfie! We received a CRUISE from the Welches this year, and we couldn't be more excited! I bought myself a new swimsuit, and can't wait to get in some quality time with these party-ers.

Alfie was the a picture perfect gift receiver. It made me tear up how he would squeal in delight at seeing each gift! Everyone told me he would just be into the boxes and wrapping paper. He TOTALLY got it though. He was into unwrapping things, and he'd peek in the box and squeal, and then loved playing with the actual toy. He was a dream. My favorite moment of all of Christmas was watching this sweet reaction as he opened a ginormous giraffe pillow pet from his uncles! He just kept hugging him, and he's not a cuddler!
Alfie was totally spoiled with oodles of cars, puzzles, push toys to walk with, etc. What a sweetheart.
 It was also the Christmas where this ^^ face was born. I've seen him do it a couple times, but it really came to life Christmas day. With his scrunchy nose, and flared top lip he had the family rolling in laughs.
 Alfie was also perfect trained to say "ho ho ho" whenever he saw a Christmas tree. 
It is so awesome. Christmas was pure magic with him this year.
I had no idea last year at this time, when I was so uncomfortably pregnant with this boy,
 what a joy and life he would be in my life. We love you little button!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Alfie's first visit to Santa.

 We visited Santa with Alfie's cousins the other day at Farmington Station. Alfie barely even looked at him! Just pointed at all the decorations. He's such a sweet kid. And sweet cousin Roman asked Santa for a "green present". I died. What a darling :)
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


So yesterday I had to go in to WORK. gahhhh. My dad needed some extra help at his office. I haven't clocked a day of work since April. And I was NOT happy about it. Much to my surprise, Addison brought me McDonalds Breakfast to eat in bed! HUZZAH. It's my favorite. Unfortunately, I haven't eaten that early in a long time either. So I ate a couple bites and couldn't get myself to eat anymore. I rushed off to work with McDonalds still in the bag to eat when I was feeling up to it. I got off the freeway to pick up my cousin for the commute. and there was a homeless man on the corner with a sign that said, "hungry". I did the usual thing...pretended I was really busy, avoided eye contact, turned up my music. But in my attempts to avoid eye contact, I looked down at my basically untouched McDonalds meal at my feet. When the light FINALLY turned green, guilt spread up my body into my through as I sped off. When I got to the next light I realized I had gone the wrong way.

That guilt melted away as I realized I would have to go right pass the man again. I had been given a second opportunity to accept the prompting and give. I anxiously waited for this light to turn green, but for another reason than the last. I couldn't wait to roll down my window and signal that man over. I got to the next light and signaled him over. He bounded over with glee and accepted my meal. It was awesome :)

My dreaded day at work got the start that it needed, and was a joyful stress free day.

On my mind.

Hi Everyone! What a crazy couple of weeks. I hope to remember about these days of starting up a business how exciting and fulfilled I feel. Although there is not much time to enjoy it. Sometimes I can't believe my life. 

I get to be a stay at home mom. I get to do shows. I get to see my best friends and family as I take their pictures. I get to be with my husband all day long. My mom is a drive away. I have siblings 10 minutes away. I get to learn something new with my husband everyday. I get to bring magic to little girls birthdays. I get to decide my own schedule. I get to sleep in. I call my own shots. I get to stay in a gorgeous home with more space than I can wrap my head around and that is close and convenient to everything I need. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. This is just a start at counting my blessings. Lots has changed in a year, and although I had the dream job...I really feel like I am living the dream right now. And that's pretty cool. 

Here's a glance at our life right now:
 A little something I painted for my beloved "Carols". Such a wonderful experience to do this show again!
 It was Andrew's birthday!! And we had a blast at his awesome party!
 Happy 4 year Anniversary Addi!
 We saw "A Christmas Carol" with my darling niece and nephew in it!
I got the call that I will be back at Hale doing the role of Molly in "Ghost". I'm so so excited for this piece! It's a regional premiere from the movie "Ghost". The music is way cool. And the part is to die for. I can't wait to get started on this right after Christmas :)
Addison is choreographing at Bountiful High right now, and learning a LOT. He is so excited for "Shrek" to start up in January. He is becoming quite the photographer. And spends his days painting away...which I think is the coolest. 

We met the Elders Quorum presidency the other day. And after they left Addison turned to me and said, "when people ask what we do, we sound CRAZY!" Haha. Our answer is always pretty funny to watch us pull together..."Uh we are photographers, and artists? We graduated in musical theatre so I'm doing a show right now, and Addison is choreographing. So we sell our art, and take pictures, oh and I do princess parties on the weekends!" It's pretty comical. But I feel like it's all just kind of fell into place. The second we decided to open ourselves up The Lords guidance, everything has flowed. It sounds like we're nuts, but honestly? It feels so natural and right. It's hard to even doubt, until we start thinking about how we sound to others, and what the worlds definition of work and security is.

So as we are preparing for Christmas. I am amazed at our abundance. I am so blessed to be able to give freely, and without worry. I cannot believe that it is one week away! I am so excited for the festivities this year. But mostly to watch Alfie unwrap his gifts and eat till his hearts content. 
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2014