Friday, August 8, 2014

life lately.

 We are doing well! We have started our photography business, which is why I haven't blogged in forever. You can find some of our work thus far here:

I find my mind consumed by my work, and I love it. It is really cool to be learning something new (usually 1,000 things) every day. And it's a form of art that I have always loved, but haven't had the skills to truly express myself through it before. I absolutely love how it pushes me to be brave-with locations, clients, learning. I feel very driven to raise the bar for myself every shoot. That's pretty cool. Addison and I have already been on several adventures because of this, and that's my favorite.

There are lots of curve balls. For example, when we had a fabulous shoot with Laila at Saltair by the Great Salt Lake. After getting eaten by bugs and stung by salty water.... we are heading back on the dirt road, tired, itchy, and hot, we hit a rock that ran a hole into the oil pan. We got rescued by Wayne and a tow truck, after a whole other round of chaos...ugh. Most expensive oil change ever! Sometimes I hate being an adult.

Lots of ups and downs-especially when you have a less productive day. It's hard to balance life and work when you don't GO to work. Especially when there are so many fun family/friend things going on for summer. So we are figuring out that balance. But there is also nothing better than feeling productive and feeling proud of your final product.
We are living in Heber City with my parents and soaking up the last bit of summer. To tell you the truth though, I can't keep my mind off of October, Fall, Halloween, Disneyland trips, and my birthday! Also, I finally get to be in a show! Play rehearsal for Catch Me If You Can starts Monday! Great things to come. We are loving every day, and learning so much about each other, photography, business, etc. 
Life is good.

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