Friday, August 8, 2014

hill cumorah wrap up!

Here's the rest of our Hill Cumorah experience!
 Alfie and I's first time on stage together! You can see my mom next to me too!
 Addison as Samuel the Lamanite.
We visited New York City first, and saw a couple shows-it was marvelous!
 Hiking on our morning off!
 Skipping rocks at Lake Canandaigua.
 Walk in the Sacred Grove.
 Joseph Smith home.
 This boy's HERO was Samuel the Lamanite! It was the best thing ever to see him react with Addison!
 Melinda, Wayne, and Laila came to visit! So we blew our own glass ornaments! And visited Niagra Falls!
 Grandma stayed above with Alfred and kept nice and dry!
We had such a wonderful time. Were so blessed, and got to see many miracles.

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