Friday, August 22, 2014

7 months Alfie Lyle {a photo, and cuteness overload}

Happy 7 months my little bean! You are growing so fast I can't even believe it!
 You now sit up on your own. You especially love this in the bath tub. Watching you splash in the bathtub gives me giggling fits. It's hilarious-no expression and limbs a flappin!
Tummy time is getting more bearable, but you often have to give your neck a rest and put your head down like this. My little punkin head!
 You are ROLLING everywhere! This is a new development as of about a week ago. With a combination of scooting, rolling, and lurching you make it across an entire room!
You say "momma" constantly, and it makes my heart happy.
You do that weird sucking air through your throat thing when you're excited.
 "yoo hoo! big summah blow out!"
 You put anything and everything into your mouth. You love mirrors, especially yourself in them. You are in charge of your own binkie! You put it in and out now whenever you want to! You love that pop sound they make in the "Lollipop" song. You grow out of your pajamas weekly. You are now wearing 9-12 month clothing-which is why momma had to make you these pants and hat out of her old shirts. You have an obsession with food and drinking water from mommas cup. You love potatoes and corn so far!
 You're such an easy going dude! You go on photoshoots with us all the time and are so sweet and quiet! As long as you are observing the action, you are happy. You have major FOMO (fear of missing out) If you know something fun in happening in the other room, you want in.
 Sometimes photoshoots are hard.
 You LOVE walking around and standing (with daddy's help).
We love you SO MUCH Alfie Ly! I don't know how we got so luck to carry a bundle of sunshine around with us wherever we go.

Photo Credit: Heirloom Pepperfox Photography

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