Friday, June 27, 2014

long time, no see >> to new beginnings!

So it's been a while! To be honest-things have been so in limbo that yes, there has been stuff to write about, but none that I was super thrilled to share. It's been a rough, and wonderful month. 

The job search has been on for Addison, and I have been trying my best to be supportive and non-cranky. Being unemployed is hard! We have been applying for a bunch of stuff we know Addison was the PERFECT fit for-unfortunately the employer evidently did not. Addison has tried selling pest control, detailing cars, graphic design-we pretty much do anything for a little cash flow ;) We opened an Etsy shop-something we had wanted to do for a while. And I even did a princess party last week to try and contribute.

I picked up doing headshots again, like I did before we left to Florida-but this time I decided to try my hand at some editing as well. I'm actually not that bad! I was thinking I could make some extra money on the side with photography-then I started getting a pretty steady flow of people asking me to do various photo shoots. I've always had a decent eye for photography-but had never realistically thought of starting anything up because I've had no training. So I started to learn more about my camera and have been experimenting ever since! I've tried my hand at engagements, maternity, and even a newborn session! This whole time I have been trying my darnedest to keep Addison out of the process as much as possible, I wanted him to find a steady job, and be able to run this completely on my own. 

This is the thing-artistically speaking (and pretty much everything else too) Addison and I make up for each other's weaknesses. We have all these random skills that are great hobbies by themselves, but combined are actually a pretty big force. We just haven't quite figured out how to market any of it. 

So a couple days ago as I was musing over finances and options, I was struck with this idea that made me nervous to even think of. What if Addison and I pulled our resources together and became a photography/editing team?? It sounds too good to be true. Working with my husband everyday? Thinking of creative shoots together? Working from home part the time? Being our own boss? It tickled me even to think about. It actually even made me feel a little guilty to have so audacious a thought that we could make something so perfect work. I wouldn't even tallk to Addison about it until late that night as we were laying in bed and I had fantasied about it all day. Could this idea really support our growing family? Could the answer to all of our problems be staring us in the face?

It's incredible how humble you have to be to understand all The Lord has in store for you. How The Lord prepares you for certain opportunities through a series of events, and how blind we are to see it until it stares us in the face. The human experience is truly beautiful that way. The second that I stopped fighting, this plan became obvious and everything has started flowing-almost like The Lord is blessing us for listening. 

So! Coral Lamppost Photography is open for business! With Addison's editing skills, my eye, our style, our creativity, our photography technique-I truly believe we are the complete package. I'm so excited to dig in and play.