Wednesday, May 7, 2014

hello, utah.

it has been a blissful week full of family in Utah. we are so grateful for this safe haven of people who love us, and already love our Alfie. he's been a bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and is very thankful that things have calmed down.

moving was kinda always is. but this time, we were way in over our heads. i really didn't think we had that much stuff! we drove our two cars here with all our stuff in them. everything fit pretty comfortably then. i didn't think that we'd accumulated much else in the past year and a half. in fact when i left to go to the airport with one car already packed for Addison and his parents. we looked around and went, "oh, yeah" this will totally fit. it. did. not. sorry melinda and wayne! i still am scared to ask addison what all he left...
last family selfie in our Florida home :) Alfie's head was a bit to heavy to hold up all that time.
 i had a few guardian angels that helped me check in and get through security. and i made it to the gate with 20 mins to spare-whew! the first couple hours on the flight were kind of scary. alfie couldn't quite relax enough to take a nap-and there were no empty seats. i was really glad i brought this blow up pillow. it extended past my legs so alfie had a bit more room to stretch out and nap-he isn't one to fall asleep on me. then i clipped a blanket into the tray table latch and made a little tent for him to sleep in. it was perfect. he was just too overwhelmed to relax, this was the perfect way to calm him down. he only cried when the captain came on the speaker, or when i flushed the toilet. pretty good for a first flyer!
it was such a relief to land in utah. i pretty much had to bundle alfie up in whatever i brought. it was freezing! it's surreal being back, because we're not the same. our families have grown. we've grown. but utah is pretty much the same :) i've loved sharing alfie with the family-he is so loved.
 this pretty much sums up alfie's first week here.
 chubby stroller.
 borrowing gma's ankle brace for a hat...sleeping on his side like a big boy...we've gotta round out his head!
 uncle jeddy...cousin Louis introducing alfie to fruit snacks...i almost had a heart attack! haha!
 my 1st nephew...he's finally taller than me. crazy
 some of alfie's cousins have sacrificed their toys for alfie-it's so sweet to watch.
can't believe these two are now holding my baby! I saw them both be born!
 it's the circle of life, i guess :)

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