Thursday, May 15, 2014

dream cruise//day 4. (last one!)

one of the biggest highlights of the whole cruise for us was, of course, the entertainment. they had a gorgeous balcony theatre where they hosted a different live show every night. also a movie theatre where they played brand new-still in theatre movies! so we saw Captain America and The Muppets.
how gorgeous was the art deco chandelier in the lobby?
Alfie was Mickey Mouse for the last night. we just had to get another picture with Mickey :)
Last sunset.

this was our dinner crew every night. SO CUTE. i was actually really nervous to be sharing a table with the same family every night, but they turned out to be lovely! we loved chatting it up with them. also, the youngest son thought i was Princess Anna from "Frozen" the whole time, and flirted with me in Spanish the whole time. this made my whole vacation. what a doll.
we caught the last "movie under the stars".
our last towel creation. i loved walking into these each night! 
and the chocolate on my pillow wasn't too shabby either!

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