Wednesday, May 21, 2014

alfie//4 months.

guys. i have a 4 month old. 
this sweet guy rolled over for the first time today, (from his front to his back) and i may have been pretty sad about it-i love my rolly- immobile blob!
he weighs 17 pounds now, and i get told everywhere we go what a "healthy" baby i have.
 he loves blowing bubbles and is finally getting some tickle spots. he loves when you pump his legs and put his toes up so far to touch his nose. it gets him laughing. 
 he has a new blonder layer of peach fuzz growing all over his head. he is more and more talkative. he's slept for 11 and 10 hours straight the last couple nights :) and is a great napper
 he now reaches for things he likes and wants to eat. he LOVES standing and his excersaucer-he's had a strong neck from day one.
 he loves saying "mama" when he cries. he's become really interested in what we are eating..and we may have even slipped him a little taste of ice cream...greek yogurt...ect...
 nicknames are: sweet pie, alfinator, alf, snoogoo, buddy...


Meagan Hadfield said...

He's yummy Bre!

Jane Anne said...

He is just too cute!So handsome and strong! I wish Weston was 17 pounds. My poor kid can't gain weight to save his life.