Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alfie day.

we had one crazy weekend. since we are catching up on a year and half of social life we are trying to see as many people as we can. and as i have been deprived of all things theatre for so long, i thought what would be better than to combine all the things i love into one weekend?? haha, poor Alf. so we had some cousin time, slept over at my siblings houses, and had an extended family birthday party at Addisons moms house that overlapped into a "come-meet-Alfie-all-our-theatre-friends-ever" party :) i can't tell you how full my heart is. these people mean so much to me. theatre people really are the best people. i think there's something about theatre that forces you to be really candid with yourself and what you have to offer to a director/show. therefore, (most) theatre people are just comfortable in their own skins. i think that's why people think theatre people are so weird. i think everyone is that weird, but theatre people aren't afraid to show it, and in many cases it's their weird that keep them working! it was so wonderful to hear all their ambitions and plans. i'm so proud of what they've accomplished and what they are going to accomplish. theatre people are dreamers, and i love that. i feel like i can do anything when i'm with them.
 make an Alfie face! accurate.

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