Wednesday, May 21, 2014

alfie//4 months.

guys. i have a 4 month old. 
this sweet guy rolled over for the first time today, (from his front to his back) and i may have been pretty sad about it-i love my rolly- immobile blob!
he weighs 17 pounds now, and i get told everywhere we go what a "healthy" baby i have.
 he loves blowing bubbles and is finally getting some tickle spots. he loves when you pump his legs and put his toes up so far to touch his nose. it gets him laughing. 
 he has a new blonder layer of peach fuzz growing all over his head. he is more and more talkative. he's slept for 11 and 10 hours straight the last couple nights :) and is a great napper
 he now reaches for things he likes and wants to eat. he LOVES standing and his excersaucer-he's had a strong neck from day one.
 he loves saying "mama" when he cries. he's become really interested in what we are eating..and we may have even slipped him a little taste of ice cream...greek yogurt...ect...
 nicknames are: sweet pie, alfinator, alf, snoogoo, buddy...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alfie day.

we had one crazy weekend. since we are catching up on a year and half of social life we are trying to see as many people as we can. and as i have been deprived of all things theatre for so long, i thought what would be better than to combine all the things i love into one weekend?? haha, poor Alf. so we had some cousin time, slept over at my siblings houses, and had an extended family birthday party at Addisons moms house that overlapped into a "come-meet-Alfie-all-our-theatre-friends-ever" party :) i can't tell you how full my heart is. these people mean so much to me. theatre people really are the best people. i think there's something about theatre that forces you to be really candid with yourself and what you have to offer to a director/show. therefore, (most) theatre people are just comfortable in their own skins. i think that's why people think theatre people are so weird. i think everyone is that weird, but theatre people aren't afraid to show it, and in many cases it's their weird that keep them working! it was so wonderful to hear all their ambitions and plans. i'm so proud of what they've accomplished and what they are going to accomplish. theatre people are dreamers, and i love that. i feel like i can do anything when i'm with them.
 make an Alfie face! accurate.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

alfie's blessing day.

what an incredible day this was. Alfie was blessed in Addisons' home ward on May 4//2014. i loved hearing my sweet husband and his righteous wishes for Aflie's life. so many beautiful qualities. I can't believe my boy is 4 months old today. it has been so fun to get to know him. so far, i can say he is patient, easy-going, an's almost as if he already understands his place in our family and in the world around him. like an eternal perspective. he's got an old soul. he is wise. i can't explain what a joy it is to be his mother.

i bore my testimony on the blessing of being a mother. it was a year ago, Mother's Day that I found out little Alfie was on his way. i explained how it was a really rough year, and how being away from family made me rely on The Lord and the Priesthood. Addison bore a testimony on the blessings that come from obedience. Wayne, Melinda and even Aunt Holly bore their testimonies too! it was such a gorgeous day. we then had a gourmet brunch in Melinda's backyard. such bliss.
this picture makes me SO HAPPY! proud grandparents.
Addison and his siblings haven't been all together for almost 5 years! it was a momentous occasion.

dream cruise//day 4. (last one!)

one of the biggest highlights of the whole cruise for us was, of course, the entertainment. they had a gorgeous balcony theatre where they hosted a different live show every night. also a movie theatre where they played brand new-still in theatre movies! so we saw Captain America and The Muppets.
how gorgeous was the art deco chandelier in the lobby?
Alfie was Mickey Mouse for the last night. we just had to get another picture with Mickey :)
Last sunset.

this was our dinner crew every night. SO CUTE. i was actually really nervous to be sharing a table with the same family every night, but they turned out to be lovely! we loved chatting it up with them. also, the youngest son thought i was Princess Anna from "Frozen" the whole time, and flirted with me in Spanish the whole time. this made my whole vacation. what a doll.
we caught the last "movie under the stars".
our last towel creation. i loved walking into these each night! 
and the chocolate on my pillow wasn't too shabby either!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

dream cruise//day 3.

on day 3 of our Disney Dream adventure we woke up to Castaway Cay, Disney's own private island. it was gorgeous. with all sorts of toys to rent, a family beach, manta rays, etc there's no way to be bored. the water is gorgeous! we soaked up the sun, got some naps in and tried to get Alfie to like the beach...he wasn't thrilled, but was a good sport. also...this is a pic've been warned.
meeting Goofy on the beach...a view of our room-we were right next to that guy on the top floor.
trying to convince alfie that he was having the time of his life.
tuckered out from the beach...pirate night!
meeting Jack Sparrow.
Pirate Mickey.
my favorite picture of Alfie :)
we ate here at the Animator's Place the night before but all the screens were Finding Nemo aquariums, now they were all pirate themed! by far the best dinner atmosphere!
we were pretty happy about Alfie's hat.
just a sampling of the fruit art for the late night pirate feast (crepes-which we ate in bed while watching 101 Dalmations :)
the night ended off with a pirate show with Jack Sparrow and fireworks. 
so magical. i wanna go back to bad!