Monday, April 14, 2014

yellow dog eats.

we have a great group of friends here-it took us a while to find them, but they were worth it. we will forever be grateful for the good times we've had with them. we spent Christmas together! we've celebrated birthdays, showers, gone to movies :) as a last hurrah, we went out to a local favorite: Yellow Dog Eats. something that Addi and I had heard about but never tasted. i'm telling you right now, we are regretting not eating here sooner and possibly weekly. imagine you're in a neighborhood of 50+ year old homes, when you turn a corner and suddenly you see this little 2 story home, turned eatery. with a modge podge of furniture and "goodwill" decoration it promises to be, at least, fun. but the smell of smoked barbeque deliciousness is even more promising. sharpie covers most of the walls surfaces, and decor for that matter!
my barbeque pork salad. 
i don't know what half of this was-all i know is there was a party in my mouth, and i liked it.
i could rave about the food all day-but nothing could compare to the company :)
"everyone do an alfie face!" haha-he's a serious boy. 
we are really gonna miss these guys.

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RSP said...

You're leaving already!? Oh man. Roger was hoping for a Disney play date with Alfie in a few more weeks. I guess we'll have to find you elsewhere on the globe! Best of luck in transition!