Wednesday, April 2, 2014

some random goodness.

sometimes it works out that you write this perfect little "tied-in-a-bow" post with a common theme and pics to go with it...and sometimes, if i'm being honest, life just doesn't organize itself that way. so, as this blog is a reflection of my life, this post is in honor of the random goodness that makes up my life right now.
we took alfie on his first ride a couple weeks ago. i just HAD to get out of the house and i knew addison had a break at work, so alfie and i set out to have dinner with dad at Hollywood Studios. after our burger and fries, we had some time to kill so we thought why not take alfie on The Great Movie Ride?? haha, he did pretty well. his favorite part was when john wayne showed up-he was glued! turned his head to watch him pass and everything. we finished off the day with an apple pie apple.
alfie is ginormous. huge i tell you! i feel jipped that my little baby is pretty much a toddler now. at 13 lbs and 11 oz-he's pretty dense. but he also is 24 inches and his head circumference was off the she had to measure him down at 41.8 cm. the crazy...
 he has learned how to scoot backwards on his back-especially when he's mad. 
(his feet started at the piano...)
 he is smiling more and more every day! and now has a sweet happy coo that's half way to a laugh! he is a slobber monster now that he has discovered his love for sucking on his hands. he's an inconsistant napper-but a glorious nighttime sleeper (thanks buddy!) that makes for a well rested momma with lots of ambition to get stuff done during the day...but not much time to do it! but he is getting happier by the minute-less fussy and more fun to play with.
alfie met his best friend Teddy over facetime the other day! i love talking with my sweet bestie, Jennie. i can't believe how long it's been since we've physically been in the same place-but my heart longs for it! seriously.
 we finally all made it to church Sunday, and alfie did great.
my mom sent me a dress from her travels to the Marshall Islands! Addison was a little confused about what present was for him...also, i don't know if you can see the pic on the right, but there's a guy behind me riding a motorcycle the other day that scared me so bad! he was wearing a mask with a huge mustache on it...super awkward, Florida, super awkward.
we had a wonderful group date the other night to Divergent. it was Alfie's first movie and he did so well. we love these sweet friends. so glad we've gotten to know them all so well.


Jane Anne said...

Don't they just keep getting more and more fun? When do you head to Utah? We will be in town for like 2 days in between moving, if line to see you, And Weston wants to meet Alfie!

Moss Momma said...

I just read like six posts and it made me miss you so so hard!!! I love you breezy!!