Saturday, April 12, 2014

a love letter to Florida.

as our moving day approaches, i am getting more and more nostalgic about this place. isn't that just how it goes. i'm starting to recognize lasts like, "last time eating ___.", "last time doing ____.", "last day at work.", etc. and it's weird! it's odd how one place starts feeling more right than your home for 20 years.
i was writing in my journal some alfie updates when i started to think about all the things i owe to my time in Florida and before i knew it had written pages and pages and could have written more.

April 9/2014:
"We will be sad to leave Florida, I will always be grateful that we did this. Being pregnant and working at a theme park was possibly THE hardest thing I have ever done in my life. we've had such great memories in the parks. Christmas/Halloween party, visiting all of Addison's fur friends, Alfie's first time in the parks, being with all my siblings in the parks, seeing the new parade, getting anastasia. All so fun. I am really craving seasons though! and when it gets cooler once the sun goes down :) i've learned a lot....
  • how to work for a big company
  • how to create "an experience"
  • how to deal with insurance (ugh. the worst.)
  • how to demand your rights from a company-fight for yourself
  • how to make contacts at a job
  • how to make new friends
  • how to rely more on Addison-but most of all The Lord
  • how to love missionary work & a church calling
  • how to see the church in a new perspective (outside Utah) the LDS culture, and the joys and "good news" of sharing our gospel
  • how to pay rent :(
  • how to manage bills (still not a pro)
  • how to pay off credit cards
  • how to save and refrain from buying things i don't need. (clothes/decor-i miss you!)
  • how to prepare for a baby
  • how to be physically and emotionally strong when your family needs you 
  • how to ask for a Priesthood blessing
  • finding what is worth your money and that a lot of times, making memories doesn't mean spending money
  • how to share a meal
  • how to make decor out of what you have (or anything for that matter-thank you cards, meals, dates, etc)
  • how to thrift shop and not get junk
  • how to write a professional resume
  • how to go for jobs you know you'll never get
  • how to be totally uncomfortable and do something anyway (and have it turn out great)
  • know that looks aren't everything and that good looking people often have a lot of insecurities and may not be interesting to talk to at all....
  • how to seek out and surround yourself with good people
  • how to work with a variety of people (ages, religious beliefs, races, moods...)
  • how to be professional
  • how to work full time and be consistant
  • know when i need to play
  • how much i truly LOVE theatre-i miss it all the time! and singing-especially singing. i know this is what i want to do for the rest of my life.
  • i know that theatre people are the best kind of people
  • how to go to the post office and mail packages for less
  • i know the excitement of getting something handwritten (or a package!) in the mail
  • i know the anxiety of hospital bills in the mail...
  • i know the longing for Addison to be home from work
  • i know the momma bear attack instinct that kicks in when a sick kid at the park sneezes over your 5 week old
  • i know the blinding worry when your 3 week old has a nasty cough and you hover over their head all night waiting for them to stop breathing
  • i know the exhausted, overwelming lump that rises in your throat when you're handed you baby for the first time
  • i know why coasters were invented! (drinks don't sweat in Utah)
  • i know what, "i'm so hot, i think i might die," feels like
  • i know what being drenched by my own sweat through layers of clothes/costumes feels like
  • i know what being drenched in warm torrential rain feels like
  • i know what it feels like to be attacked by a brazilian tour group
  • how to improvise in character
  • how to have a conversation with any kid, ever
  • how to say, "no"-this is a big one for Addison this year too.
  • how to give hugs and mean them
  • i know the need to be myself-no makeup, wearing my wedding ring and garments
  • i know the comfort garments bring
  • i know the longing to go to church and not being able to wait for Sunday
i could go on and on. i love you Florida. i will always be grateful for this fun, frustrating, lonely, fulfilling, exciting, heartwarming, stressful, and blessed year and a half. "

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