Saturday, March 22, 2014


i have been so blessed to have my "sister" Kristy out here in Florida. all growing up, i have been best friends with Kristy's sister, Cindy. so when i found out i'd be living out here, i immediately called up Kristy who had been living in Orlando for a couple years while her husband DJ's for the local country station. she gave me all the best advice on housing and how to get out here. once we moved, she was right here with a truck helping us get all kinds of furniture off of Craiglist, transporting our new bed, etc. we seriously couldn't have made this move without them. you can imagine my delight that after a couple weeks of finding out I was pregnant, turns out she was pregnant too! two little boys, just 6 weeks apart. (she even stayed in the same room as me at the hospital! what're the odds??) and when she announced she was going to be moving just a little over a mile away from me? well, i almost died of happiness. i crash their house at least once a week for no reason at all now. 
 visiting at the hopital//Kristy's mom, (aka my mom) holding alfie
 kirsty's baby Roman & Aflie meeting for the first time//me & Roman

but apart from all the time, the driving, the meals, the laughs (this girl is "pee-your-pants" funny) the pregnancy advice, etc, she has given me the most precious gift! all my alfie memories preserved in gorgeous photos. She took my maternity photos, my hospital photos, and newborns/family photos. i thought i'd share some of my favorites :)

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