Tuesday, March 4, 2014

life lately.

Alfie will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. I can't even believe it. Every morning I wake up he is different, bigger. It is so bitter sweet. I've decided in order to stunt his growth I am discontinuing tummy time...I figured this was better than discontinuing feedings...haha, just kidding! (no, but really.) his hair is bright auburn in the sunlight and it makes my heart sing. 
He has olivey skin-unlike his momma...his tummy is always happily swollen with milk and muffin-tops out his pants...I think he's finally starting to enjoy those raspberries I blow on his tummy. he's outgrown a few bottoms and next week we are gonna have to say goodbye to a few footy pajamas! He loves when I touch our chins together and say "mamamamama" and opens up his mouth wide for a big kiss at the end. I melt. He loves the sun and the light. He always turns his head to bask in the light. He's not the best napper-but I really can't complain-this guy sleeps from 8 pm to 11 am with just a few feedings in between! I am a lucky momma. 
And me? I'm adjusting. It's so hard for me not to feel productive. Most days I don't make it out of the house, and that's okay. I make lists galore. A list that would have taken me a morning, now takes three days, and that's okay too. I am starting to glorify a shower at the end of the day when Addi gets home and I can relax. Addison works 6 days a week most weeks and awful hours like 11 am-8 pm...so you can't get anything done before or after ya know? But he always gets some snuggles in with alfie :) 
The lovely ladies from my ward threw me a shower yesterday and it was so wonderful. I have been so well taken care of out here. It's made me want to be better at serving. There are so many thing I would have never thought to take the initiative to do that people have done for me. I am always willing to serve, but rarely do I look for opportunities to. I will be better at this. 

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Jane Anne said...

Look at him in the bumbo!! Strong boy!