Friday, March 21, 2014

happy 2 months alfie.

the two month mark really snuck up on me!
But this little angel is definitely emerging from his shell. What a sweetheart. 
He is sleeping great! About 9-midnight and I feed him, 12:30-7:30 and I feed him, and then 7:30 to ten! I really can't complain about that. When he's sleeping he likes to hold on to the insides of his blanket and sometimes he even pulls the blanket over his head and sleeps like that. Silly boy. 
^^see him holding is blanket with both hands^^
He is becoming happier by the minute. I am honing in more and more to his needs and schedule and he is so much happier these days.

He is pretty attached to mom and dad. Doesn't really like it when he's napping in a different room than where we are, or when he can't hear us. 

He smiles!! Especially in the morning-such a happy boy! He has a happy coo that sounds like a monkey.
He is so good on errands. We think he likes being out and observing. He doesn't like to go out and interact with anyone. But leave him in his car seat and let him check all the new sights out, he's a happy camper.

He loves looking at himself in the mirror and I often catch him smiling and cooing at himself. 
He did not like the chiropractor, but has been much happier since going!

His grip is getting stronger and more accurate...Mommas hair is proof of that! 

He loves being outside and feeling the sun in his face. It calms him right down. 
 overall, this guy is a rockstar. he gets cuter everyday i pick him up from his bed in the morning.

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