Saturday, March 8, 2014

fry sauce and a concert.

now 7 weeks post pardum, Addison and I have a new vigor to join the human race. what better way than through a free date??
 we started off the night with some homemade fries and fry sauce. (we missed Utah.)
you will be surprised at how easy and cheap it is!
recipe found here.
 we got all spruced up and went to Downtown Disney.

 we always see artists playing doing free concerts, but we've never stopped to watch. 
it was so fun to watch the local talent.

 one of my favorite things to do at Downtown Disney is collecting a Ghiradelli square at their shop. we park on this end of DD and grab a square when we come and another on our way out! 
also, if you are NOT on a free date, make sure to eat something at Ghiradelli-on TripAdvisor they are the top spot in Orlando for dessert. i always get the Nob Hill Chill :) but they are literally all good.

our first date with our punkin was a total success. 
he slept through the whole thing-even being right next to loud speakers.
free dates are the best!

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