Monday, March 31, 2014

beach baby.

we traveled to Siesta Key beach today and it was heavenly. we have been trying to get together with a childhood friend of mine, Malori and her family since we moved here last year! finally all the stars aligned, and (bonus!) we got to introduce our sweet new babies to each other! who are only 3 weeks apart! so fun. we loved getting to know these guys! and are just so sad we didn't get together sooner so we could have hung out more.
Addison had a blissful 5 day weekend! and this was the perfect way to wrap it all up. 
i hope to see these guys soon!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


i have been so blessed to have my "sister" Kristy out here in Florida. all growing up, i have been best friends with Kristy's sister, Cindy. so when i found out i'd be living out here, i immediately called up Kristy who had been living in Orlando for a couple years while her husband DJ's for the local country station. she gave me all the best advice on housing and how to get out here. once we moved, she was right here with a truck helping us get all kinds of furniture off of Craiglist, transporting our new bed, etc. we seriously couldn't have made this move without them. you can imagine my delight that after a couple weeks of finding out I was pregnant, turns out she was pregnant too! two little boys, just 6 weeks apart. (she even stayed in the same room as me at the hospital! what're the odds??) and when she announced she was going to be moving just a little over a mile away from me? well, i almost died of happiness. i crash their house at least once a week for no reason at all now. 
 visiting at the hopital//Kristy's mom, (aka my mom) holding alfie
 kirsty's baby Roman & Aflie meeting for the first time//me & Roman

but apart from all the time, the driving, the meals, the laughs (this girl is "pee-your-pants" funny) the pregnancy advice, etc, she has given me the most precious gift! all my alfie memories preserved in gorgeous photos. She took my maternity photos, my hospital photos, and newborns/family photos. i thought i'd share some of my favorites :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

a picnic date.

Last weeks picnic date was just what I needed. After a long week of being at home with the baby, there's nothing like putting all the technology distractions away, going outside and spending some quality time with my favorites. We have a park right down the street that we don't visit nearly often enough. It's right on a lake too!

happy 2 months alfie.

the two month mark really snuck up on me!
But this little angel is definitely emerging from his shell. What a sweetheart. 
He is sleeping great! About 9-midnight and I feed him, 12:30-7:30 and I feed him, and then 7:30 to ten! I really can't complain about that. When he's sleeping he likes to hold on to the insides of his blanket and sometimes he even pulls the blanket over his head and sleeps like that. Silly boy. 
^^see him holding is blanket with both hands^^
He is becoming happier by the minute. I am honing in more and more to his needs and schedule and he is so much happier these days.

He is pretty attached to mom and dad. Doesn't really like it when he's napping in a different room than where we are, or when he can't hear us. 

He smiles!! Especially in the morning-such a happy boy! He has a happy coo that sounds like a monkey.
He is so good on errands. We think he likes being out and observing. He doesn't like to go out and interact with anyone. But leave him in his car seat and let him check all the new sights out, he's a happy camper.

He loves looking at himself in the mirror and I often catch him smiling and cooing at himself. 
He did not like the chiropractor, but has been much happier since going!

His grip is getting stronger and more accurate...Mommas hair is proof of that! 

He loves being outside and feeling the sun in his face. It calms him right down. 
 overall, this guy is a rockstar. he gets cuter everyday i pick him up from his bed in the morning.