Sunday, February 9, 2014

things i know about my little human.

my sweet Alfie man is 3 weeks old and currently battling his first cough :( ugh. i guess we are building his immune system. it is so hard not to feel like a bad mom when your baby is sick! you try to be so careful...but there's always something you could have done differently, i suppose. this little spirit in our home has completely consumed us. we stare at him all day and try to figure out who he is and giggle and sigh at his slightest...anything...burps, coughs, grunts, yawns, gas, you name it! it's noteworthy! here's what i've figured out so far:

-9 lbs and 14 oz-as of last Thursday.
-22 inches as of today.
-his neck is so strong-he loves to hold his head up and adjust.
-he no longer has back hair...sigh.
-his hairline is receeding....double sigh.
-his hearing is great-he jumps at everything!
-he's started to get light circles around his pupils.
-he often holds his pinkies up...he's really proper.
-when he sleeps, his cheeks drag down and make him look like he's frowning:
Alfie loves:
-to sleep in his bed...and if you hold him for too long he gets really mad.
-eating! and makes the cutest billy goat noises while he does so.
-baths and being warm.
-being swaddled, but likes his hands out and on his face, and many times holding his own binky in.
Alfie hates:
-getting out of the bath.
-being naked.
-being cold.
-lotion most of all.
-when momma eats lobster.

I love motherhood so far. even when i wake up at 3 in the morning to feed this guy, i am surprised at how often i am cooing at my baby's sweetness, or giggling at something cute he did. the most surprising aspect of the last few weeks for me is how my son truly knows me. you expect a newborn to just act like a puddle-but he knows things! he can tell it's me when i hold him. he can hear my voice and he reacts to it. it is amazing. it's like a little bonus gift for me-a little payback for those 9 months of suffering!

The bishop and his wife dropped by and the wife said something about babies that I've been thinking about, but she articulated perfectly. She said when she was handed her first baby in the hospital she was completely taken aback. she said she expected to get handed this fresh baby with a blank stare, but instead, he was wide awake and his eyes were so wise. it's as if babies know so much more than we could ever comprehend. they can't articulate it, but they have so much wisdom behind those eyes. She said the same was true with all her babies and once they learned to talk, it's as if it slowly disappeared. i experienced the same thing with this special spirit. he is so wise. sometimes he looks like he is seeing things so much more clear than i am. he has a different perspective than those that have been here a while. we've all forgotten, but he brings heaven closer to us with his spirit and those all-knowing eyes.

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