Monday, February 10, 2014

mohawk monday.

happy mohawk monday from our crosseyed boy! it's been such a whirlwind month, but things are really slowing down and our new life with this sweet boy is starting to settle in. we have been so lucky to have pretty much a constant stream of loved ones here helping us adjust to new baby and soak up Alfie cuteness.

Addi and i got to sneak away on a much needed temple date while the in-laws babysat-as you can see, i actually put on makeup-total victory!
we visited daddy at work at Hollywood Studios...i'm crazy. i know.
 meeting Aunt Laila, Momma Melinda, and Papa Wayne for the first time!
 3 generations.
meeting uncle Landon...
 ...uncle Alex, Papa Rob.
 Addison and his new baby :) he is now the proud new owner of an ipad and in total heaven. he has a new calling to teach the 14 and 15 year olds sunday school, and this will be an amazing new tool! PLUS, we get to watch movies in bed now-score.

saying goodbye to my momma was so hard. she sacrificed so much to come and be with me for 3 whole weeks. she totally spoiled us with dinners and groceries-even mopped my floor! (my LEAST favorite chore) So wonderful to have a constant help :)

we will see you all in May, family!

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Jane Anne said...

Oh I love our little twin babies! So nice to have so much family visit :)