Saturday, January 25, 2014

sweet little nothings.

The first few days of new baby are such a blur. I knew they would be. So I took a second in the hospital when Alfie was sleeping on my chest to write down some details I hope I never forget:
  • he's got great hearing-jumps at everything!
  • always eats with his pinky up 
  • strong jaw
  • his hands often look like he's conducting an orchestra
  • his high whimper cry!
  • his looooong nails and wrinkly hands-like dad
  •  his dark brown hair
  •  glossy purple eyes
  •  his top lip forms a V! he sucks in his bottom lip. and his STRONG grip-all the nurses and pediatricians commented on it!
  • long purple dry feet
  •  Gpa Lyle look alike! even got his back hair!
  • Addi combing his hair and making a part
 Pictures taken by the oh so talented

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