Saturday, December 28, 2013

what I want to remember.

Had my first false alarm this Christmas. After a lovely night of seeing "Saving Mr. Banks" with friends, I was noticing all sorts of changes in my body. I was so uncomfortable I just had to put myself to sleep. I woke up at 3 with more painful contractions than I'd ever had. They were 3-10 minutes apart for a couple hours. So I got up and ate, and got some stuff together, horrified at the state of my house after the Christmas bomb had gone off. And by the time that was done, my contractions had slowed down. So I layed back down for a bit, thinking if they were still going a half hour later I'd wake Addison up, and I fell asleep! Whew. I was not expecting a 2013 baby! Needless to say, the next morning was spent doing baby laundry, packing the official hospital bag, filling up our cars (which were both on empty) and cleaning like crazy. Haha, I thought I was so ready! While I thought I would welcome with open arms having the baby almost 4 weeks early, I got so nervous. As I sat there for hours contemplating if my life was going to change forever in the next few hours, I thought about all the things I want to remember about these last few days before baby. 

The things I want to remember about these last few weeks are our anniversary weekend, setting up our first, live beloved Christmas tree, blowing up our air mattress to watch "Muppets Christmas Carol" while snacking on popcorn and Dr. Pepper on Christmas Eve, FaceTiming our family for Christmas but being completely fulfilled knowing Addison is here, having "Florida family" brunch Christmas Day, late night conversations in bed, long walks around the apartment buildings talking about our future adventures, laughing with Addison, spontaneous dances in the kitchen, Addison's willingness to help me with anything so I can put my feet up from a long days work, snapchats from Addison at work, always working on a new art project, talking to my mom for hours on end, having Addison help me prepare the perfect Sunday School lesson, counting down the last few days of wearing my attendant costume, staring at my belly for hours trying to imagine what features will be mine and what will be Addison's, imagining kissing little toes, squeezing little thighs, snuggling a little person on my chest...sigh. 

Then I'm right back getting all excited for our little guy. But I will truly cherish these last few days. I hope to not loose sight of the simple little pleasures that Addison and I enjoy. It doesn't take much to keep us happy, and I am so grateful for the couple that we have fought to be. We are truly so in love.

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