Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the last of the marathon.

Whewwww! Well, the marathon is over. The last of my family for this year has come and gone. Each visitor has been such a treat. My sister Emily and her family visited this week. 

Girls night at the Twistee Treat.
Addison and I had an unconventional Thanksgiving. We both worked-a first for us. So at the very end of the day in a last ditch effort to salvage some tradition and family time, we went to see a 10 PM showing of Frozen. We made our thankful lists as we waited for the movie to start. Then we feasted on popcorn and Dr. Pepper :)
It'll always be fun to look back at these crazy years when we are trying to establish ourselves as a couple. We make time for the things we think are important, and mesh our priorities together. So far, I think we've got a lot of stuff right. I can't wait to introduce my baby to the way Addi and I do things :)

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