Thursday, December 12, 2013

My house...looks like Santas workshop. Fo real. Not in the magical, toys-gleaming-everywhere sense. But in the 70-projects-going-on-at-once way. In between Addison's many nativity orders, gift wrapping, Christmas cards, getting packages out to everywhere, and squeezing in a meal here and there, we have managed to make the living room/kitchen unlivable ;)

However, I have given Addison till tomorrow at about 5 o'clock to finish up his orders, as we have taken a loooong weekend to unwind! It is our anniversary on Friday, and we have a whole weekend planned. From dinner, hotel, baby shopping, Christmas parties, and movies, it is going to be just the weekend I need. I can't believe that when we planned this weekend I was just barely pregnant. Now I'm down to the wire!

Speaking of, I am officially 34 weeks! I can't believe that in 5 weeks and some odd days, my whole life will change, and will never go back. What a daunting feeling. I am so excited. My doctor found out how much I was working on my feet this week and told me that I better stop. I quite agree with him. I had an 11 hour shift yesterday that almost killed me, so I may have taken a personal day today and started my anniversary weekend early! I don't know exactly what I'll be doing at work, but they are trying to find a spot for me so I can still work a bit. 

I'll take lots of pics this weekend!

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