Tuesday, December 24, 2013

baby welch: 36 week progress shot.

Merry Christmas Eve! I am officially 36 weeks pregnant and ready as ever for this baby to come! This week we made up the hospital bag, got a pack n play/changing table, deep cleaned our apartment, and installed the car seat. I think we are as ready as we possibly can be. I had a friend that was due after me give birth 6 weeks early with no signs or indications of preterm labor. So I thought I better get my butt in gear just in case-watch now I'm gonna go two weeks over...sigh. 

But! I did go to my 36 week appointment yesterday, and all is well! The nurse that measured my belly said, "woah, your belly is so hard compared to your last appointment, have you been having contractions?" Yes. Tons! And when the doctor checked my cervix, he was in shock! Kept saying, "well, the baby is RIGHT HERE." He said he had definitely dropped, was head down, and that he was not budging anywhere. Here's to having a cone headed baby! Haha! But that would explain why my hydronephrosis kidney pain has all but disappeared in the last few weeks. I am SO GRATEFUL for this. I feel like the "springtime of pregnancy" I was supposed to have in my second trimester is finally here. It's such a relief to be able to sleep on both sides, and sit for long periods of time without that severe pain.

Speaking of sleep, Addison has picked up this really odd habit of using my belly as a pillow in the middle of the night. I am not quite sure how it happens, but all the sudden, he is all cuddled up on my belly. When I push him off, he is not so happy about it. Also, Addison tells me I began to snore this week :( I have never known myself to snore! I am so sorry Addi! I guess my lungs are not what they used to be? And I go to bed EXHAUSTED every night. 

I am still working, which is a struggle, but I'm glad I'm not just sitting at home. My feet are swelling more and more everyday, and I can totally see it in my face. I had to take off my wedding ring this week for fear of having to get it sawed off...but I'm grateful the swelling just began. My hips are cracking all the time. Also, I feel like because I can't pick thigs up very well, I drop EVERYTHING! It's really frustrating. Addison has to tie up my boots...and after what my feet looked like coming out of those boots yesterday, I think they are gonna stay in my closet till after pregnancy. 

I am so happy about my progress! I am not dilated at all, but things are coming along. And I can tell that my body is making changes everyday to make sure I am ready for this. 

I can tell Addison is so excited. He has made all sorts of preparations at work to make sure he can leave at the drop of a hat. He doesn't want to miss a thing. He was on his hands and knees, scrubbing anything I mentioned so we can bring our sweet little guy into our home and feel comfortable. I truly am in love with a wonderful guy! 

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