Friday, December 20, 2013

addison the great.

my husband is so talented. now, what is so amazing, is my husband has talents that no one else has. he baffles me. this year, he was contacted by several people, ordering nativities. he is a sculpter, and has, in the past, created very unique looking elf-people and fantasy type creatures. however, he received an order a few months ago that forced him to go into a totally different direction. he was asked to sculpt dolls to be used in a dance performance of the Nutcracker. these were so out of his element! but they turned out gorgeous. so when i saw what he produced for these nativities, i saw that his style had shifted a bit, and he has grown so much! upon receiving these nativities, their owners cried! they have a definite beauty and spirituality about them, and it makes me so proud of my husband.
I almost wouldn't let him send this last one! it's my favorite one he has ever done. 
but alas, i guess i have to spread the love.

I even got to hep out with some of the dressing and props this year. it was awesome. 
thanks Addi :) 
you truly are a gem.

to see more of his work check out:

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TyandMar said...

Wow I love them!! Addison needs to get his work out there! So many people would love these!