Wednesday, November 27, 2013

confessions of a preggo.

Ever have one of those days where you just need to have a good cry? That was today I guess. Maybe I'm just pregnant. I haven't been super emotional through this pregnancy, but everything just collided today. 

I may have ranted on the phone to my mom, then had to take a shower to get the rest of the crying out. I sat and rejuvenated for a while, and then had to call my mom back and apologize for the phone call. Haha! I found some motivation deep down and all the sudden I got a flood of ideas and vigor to get things done. 

So then I went to Target, and spent three hours there for therapy. I got myself a new bra, which would make any girl happy. but what was even better was trying it on in the fitting room and spending a good 10 minutes laughing at my new body. They have those 360 degree mirrors in there, and it was the first time I've been able to check out my body for real, and it is FUNNY. Just so bizarre! Literally, from the back I still have a waste! And I am carrying so low! It makes sense why I have this pulling ache up by my ribs all the time. This is a taste I what I saw in that fitting room:
Being pregnant is hard. I envy those people who have easy pregnancies. But it will make the reward all the sweeter I guess? I am so grateful for the good days. I am grateful for my healthy boy. I am grateful for sweet moms who know when to listen. I am grateful for my Addi. I am grateful for work. 

And although we both have to work tomorrow, Addison and I are going to the movies! And we are gonna have popcorn :) 

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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Melwel said...

Oh honey.... I get it. Glad you could cry because now you can laugh! The pics are hysterical

Love you momma melinda