Sunday, October 20, 2013

sister visits + a trip to the doctor.

At long last, my sister visited last week! Mylissa is my eldest sister, and has a family of 5 boys! She, her husband and 4 boys visited last week, and they packed everything in to the perfect trip! What's so great about Mylissa, is she has always been my second momma. When thinking about my childhood, I was so far behind my sisters in age that they all just kind of raised me. Mylissa holds true to that to this day! (She is also a nurse, and knows wayyyy too much about my body and it's malfunctions than anyone ought to-she's just so helpful!) I loved having her here and hopefully repaying her for the thousands of dollars worth of doctors advice she's given me over my pregnancy, but she just ended up spoiling me instead. 

We had some awesome park days, a gorgeous day at the beach, and were just about to end with a bang at the water park, when I had a bit of an episode... While walking into the water park I started to sweat profusely, and thought I might faint. I told everyone I needed to lay down, and did so right in the sidewalk. I was having really intense pain in my left kidney-which is odd because all of my hydronephrosis pain has been purely on the right side. I had felt the pain in the middle of the night, but didn't think much of it. It returned with a vengeance in the morning when I got out of the shower, and I had thrown up my breakfast. I had some other signs that my UTI may be back, so I made arrangements to pick up an antibiotic after I dropped the family at the waterpark. By the time I was laying on the sidewalk in utter pain and had thrown up a second time in the bushes, I knew something else was up! My sister left her family to take me to the doctor and make sure I was alright. This turned out to be a kidney infection. Sigh.

I took a couple sick days, and am feeling sooooo much better. Where would I be without antibiotics? I am so grateful for my sister and her husbands care of me. Sometimes the Florida healthcare system really drives me insane, and scares me, but they fought for me and made sure that the right steps were taken. 

I feel bad the trip ended on a sour note! But truly, one of the best moments of the last few months were the couple hours spent with my sister taking care of me. She fed me chicken noodle soup, did my dishes, bought me probiotics, taught me breast feeding 101, and even watched "call the midwife" with me :) I loved it. 

I had a friend at work asking me about the gospel last week. She asked if the reasons Mormons have a lot of kids was because we didn't believe in birth control. Haha! I told her that it is simply because the best chance of happiness and support on the earth is found in our families, so we just make lots of em! So true. Family is the best.

Here's some pics of the trip:

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TyandMar said...

Such fun pictures with Myliss and her family! I'm so sorry you keep getting so sick. :( That's not fun at all. Pregnancy is a whole other ball game, really! Once the baby is born, you can put it behind you (for the time being) and start a new chapter. :) So, that's nice...even though, I love pregnancy. Hopefully you're able to enjoy the small the sweet kicks! Love that.
Love you. Take care of yourself!