Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I turned 24.

Last week I turned 24! And guess what, I can feel a difference in this one. Remember that question when you're a kid? "So, how does 10 feel?" Pretty much the same as 9 right? Well 24 already feels pretty different than 23. I worked on my birthday, something I'd never done before. Addison got me a baby glider-something that last birthday would have gotten him a night on the couch, now brought me more joy than I could have thought! He also gave me some money to do whatever I pleased with. I decided to go to Urban Outfitters, a favorite store I haven't visited since I've been to Florida! Guess what...either I've changed, or it has. I have never felt so old in my life! I was surrounded by 12 year olds! And here I am, clearly pregnant...haha well, needless to say, I walked outta there with absolutely no clothing, and the only thing I felt was worthy of my birthday money was a "les miserables" children's board book. Cutest thing ever. I finally resorted to Starbucks, where a pumpkin steamer was calling my name. I ended up in anthropologie, where I finally felt I had found my place. Unfortunately, it is also where I can't afford anything-but hey! I got to look at all the pretty things! 

My sister and her family were here! So that night we had coldstone cake and celebrated my and my brother in laws birthdays! 

All in all, it was a totally different birthday than 23. Lots more responsibility this year, I guess! 

Don't worry, on my day off I spent a full day in the magic kingdom with the family. I guess I'm not too old yet ;) 


Shawnee - Sassy in Sweatpants said...

I really miss my Welches. But I'm so excited for you both to be parents! Love you both dearly.

TyandMar said...

Happy BDAY and welcome to the new stage of life...children! :) It really does change everything. But it's all for the better. Glad you're feeling more "grown up." Even though you're still cute as can be!!