Monday, October 28, 2013

baby welch: 28 week progress shot.

happy 3rd trimester to me! all is well and smooth this week. my kidney pain has seemed to bump up a notch-but i just figure that's all due to a growing baby. i have been thinking a lot more about the actual labor and thinking about natural child birth. i am really nervous about my doctors here, my care thus far has not been very comforting. therefore, i have decided that as much as i can do on my own, the better i feel about how this baby is going to come into this world. i am seeing a new doctor tomorrow that i have really high hopes for. i'm up for any change at this point. i have also figured out that i am very granola when it comes to parenting thus far-baby wraps, cloth diapers, midwifes, home birth-all of these things reeeeeeally appeal to me.

the baby now weighs about 2 1/4 pounds, and is about 14.8 inches in length. he can now sense light, and hear clearly from out of the womb! he has grown eyelashes-i can't wait to see those sweet lashes!

I took my glucose test today...

my favorite things:
  • feeling the baby hiccup. there is something so human about the baby hiccuping. all the other movement i feel seems a bit alien-like, but hiccups? even i do that! plus it's something that last long enough for me to get addison to feel it too!
  • heating pads
  • my new gliding chair
  • pillows-galore.
  • visiting with my family members here for the week! 
  • enjoying the last few days of my belly button-it is definitely on it's way out. i give it a week. 
  • talking to other pregnant women, and realizing-i'm not crazy!
  • eating. all the time :) i am soooooo glad my appetite is back. it is such a relief to eat. i snack all the time, and really look forward to a nice home cooked meal. thanksgiving this year is going to be awesome.
my visitors this week are Jed, Emma, Zuzu, and Betty. it has been a blast. i am still mourning the fact that my mom wasn't able to come with them, as was the plan-she probably won't get to see me pregnant at all :( but i can't wait to see her in January. we had a joyous day on the beach yesterday. i've gotten to get to know Betty a lot more, she was born while we've been away-and she is a hoot! always smiling away. it really is so fun to have my siblings visit me-usually it's the other way around!

Best beach snack ever.

We even tried out a new restaurant at St. Pete's, which was a total hit. Authentic Italian pizza and garlic bread. Soooo yummy. 

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TyandMar said...

Bre, you're such a good blogger. I love reading your updates. Love the cute preggo pic with the pumpkin. Love the beach pics with Emma/Betty. So fun that everyone has or will be coming out to see you! I never thought that would be the case!
I can be your doula!! There's a good chance I'll be there when little Alfie is born! :) Call me with any questions. I LOVE natural childbirth.