Friday, October 4, 2013

24 week ultrasound.

It was sooooo good to see this "little guy" again this week. Baby welch is doing so well. They were not able to see everything they wanted to last time, so we got some great pics this time! He is a robust 1 pound, 10 ounces. His femur alone was measured at the 94th percentile! 4 chambers in the very healthy heart, no cleft lip, and no cataracts-isn't that insane they can see those kind of things? 

I keep catching looks of myself in the mirror and shock myself. I have now been asked 4 times, because of my size, if I'm expecting twins...rude. Who says that? ("How far along are you? Oh really? You having twins?") The oddest is strangers in the park touching my belly...uhhhh, who ever said that was okay? My belly button is disappearing a bit more each day! So weird. I have to roll out of bed. And getting up from a chair is getting increasingly harder. I have gained 12 pounds now :)

I am feeling pretty good these days. A bit of nausea here and there, but nothing I can't handle. My kidneys flair up unexpectedly, which is rough. The ultrasound found that there are no stones in the kidney (they say they could have moved on), but that my right is still very swollen. The left has a bit of swelling as well. So they suspect that it is just hydronephrosis-where the baby is laying on my uteter, causing my kidneys to back up with fluid. Keep your fingers crossed that that is it!

Also, I got a sewing machine this week, and I am OBSESSED!!! It was 300$-on sale for one day only on amazon for 125$! It's my birthday next week, I splurged ;) I already completed my first project on it, and can't wait to start another.


Jane Anne said...

He is darling! Isn't it funny how people make such strange comments? Someone called me big mama yesterday. You are adorable, and your baby will be too

TyandMar said...

People say the stupidest things when you're pregnant. I can show you my twin belly DON'T look like you're having twins! You look ADORABLE. (Not that twin pregnancies aren't adorable too...the belly is just MUCH larger!)