Sunday, September 29, 2013

life lately.

Preparation for our little boy are underway! Well, as much as they can be. You know, we are kind of in an odd place. Addison and I only intended to be out in Florida till January of next year. As we will be welcoming our little one into the family at that time, we will stick around for a few more months afterwards to make sure we have got a hold on the parenting thing first. So, knowing we will be leaving a few months after baby is born, we do not want to move a whole new slew of baby things. So, no: we are not painting a nursery. No, we do not have a crib yet. No, we do not have a high chair. This whole "nesting" thing will kind of be on hold till we are in a more permanent place ;) I have to put all my excitement for those things aside for now. Sigh. 
I have been water coloring! I have always loved watercolor, and I got an itch for it a few weeks back. Unfortunately, sitting for too long really bothers my I paint sparingly. Much less than I would like. I am dealing with my kidney pain daily...that makes things difficult. But I am really glad that my kidney pain has nothing to do with the well-being of the baby. 
I found a frog in my car this week! I guess that's when you know you live in Florida?

There have been some delicious dishes in our home this week! 
I am getting used to my new duties at work. I attend the characters, and recently spent the day with the boss ;)

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TyandMar said...

Love that shot of Mickey. It belongs in a brochure. And that soup looks delish. Love you.