Sunday, September 15, 2013

baby welch: memoirs of a pregnant woman.

pregnancy took me by surprise. you'd think with 3 sisters and 2 sister in laws, I'd have a clue-but it's totally different when it happens to you!

you know you're pregnant when...
  • you run through your feeds on Pinterest, Instagram, and FB hoping not to catch a glimpse of food
  • you run through the grocery store barely looking up at your list, afraid you might see something that makes you gag
  • you discover acne in the oddest places, like your armpit for example...
  • you cry at commercials 
  • you smell yourself so that you don't have to smell your surroundings
  • you are so nervous to go to work in the fear that you might throw up on a child
  • you can't sleep for no apparent reason
  • you sleep 12 hours and don't feel a tad guilty about it
  • you google every bodily function
  • you think that people who post pictures of their food on insta and FB are cruel
  • you are bugged by the: "were you trying?" question. k, let's talk about this common phrase used after you tell someone you're expecting. if you had been trying for a while-touchy subject. if you WEREN'T trying? touchier subject. i admit, i am not either of these, but what a personal question! I wonder why it's become such a common follow-up.
  • you clean the toilet in anticipation of your head being in it, throwing up, a couple minutes later
  • you finally understand exactly what those sick people, with the popped bubbles over their heads in comic strips felt like:

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TyandMar said...

Haha welcome to the club!! Isn't pregnancy awesome! And totally true that you don't really get it until you experience it yourself. We are keeping you in our prayers!!