Tuesday, September 17, 2013

baby welch: 19 week progress shot.

  •  airhead extreme sour strips
  • mambas
journal entree: august 20th/2013.
      "I was at Target-in so much pain. we came home & I layed in the fetal position :( finally called the OB nurse. She said my uterus was stretching-it's what contractions feel like...All my hip ligaments were stretching. It was so painful! 
        The best part was Addi taking care of me-you could tell he felt so helpless. He brought me chocolate milk, watermelon, and mambas in bed. He did a card trick for me. Played jazz music and just sat and talked. Such a sweet man. He was trying his hardest to get me to think of something else. I was so worried! But this little one is kicking me as I write!
        After the tylenol/heating pad kicked in-I felt much better, and all will work out. So glad to have my Addi." 

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