Monday, September 9, 2013

a trip to the ER.

so pregnancy has really sent me for a loop. i don't think anyone can know what they're in for until they're there...but then people may never get pregnant! 

disclaimer-this may be TMI for some...pregnancy ain't glamorous!!

it all started Monday at 1:30 AM. i got up in the middle of the night with severe lower right back pain, and some other discomforts. i woke up Addison to get a blessing, and tried to sleep it off. by 2 am, we were headed to the ER-which i have never been to before in my life. i thought i might have a severe UTI or something? everything checked out, but i was still in severe pain! they sent me home and told me to take some tylenol. i writhed on the couch for the rest of the night so Addison could get some sleep. by about 11 the next morning, the pain had subsided. i started doing some research, and was convinced i had kidney stones. 
the next day i had my big ultrasound/dr's appt! they said that all the samples came back negative again, and that they would check my kidneys in the ultrasound just in case. my right kidney was swollen. 

by wednesday i was still sore and getting more uncomfortable by the minute-but all my samples had come back negative?? things just kept getting worse. by thursday they were unbearable again. i just kept praying that someone would know what to do, as i had already sought out medical attention twice! finally, i mentioned my discomfort to a manager i happened to talk to at work that day, who recommended his Urologist to me. HEAVEN SENT!!

i saw the Urologist Friday morning, who barely had to look at my sample to informed me i had a severe UTI that needed immediate attention. he also had some concerns about my right kidney, that i will have a follow up with once my infection is gone. could be a kidney stone? could be hydronephrosis? could just be very irritated that my infection got as far as it did.

i am sooooooo grateful to report that i feel wonderful today. my kidneys have not so much as squeaked since Friday, so keep praying that they don't-at least for another 4 months! i am soooo grateful to Addi, who learned what monistat is this week-and also survived a walmart run at 10 pm, toting monistat, GINORMOUS pads, and a heating pad...whoever checked him out must've thought it was a pretty rough night at the welch home...they would be right. i am so grateful for Priesthood blessings-and my angels out in florida. good news is-BABY is completely amazing. heart rate, ultrasound, all is healthy and happy.

what's funny is that my mom and i happened to be in the ER at the same time-on opposites sides of the continent. she was on a 2 week long hike in california and broke her ankle in 3 spots and tore every ligament in her foot. she had to be life-flighted! we both found out the next morning that we'd had similar nights-hers being much more traumatic and awful than mine! here's her with her fancy scooter that has made her week bearable!
here's to a speedy recovery for all!

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Kendra Marsden said...

Oh goodness that had to be a crazy week for you girl! Glad you were able to find out what it was before it got any worse :)