Sunday, September 29, 2013

life lately.

Preparation for our little boy are underway! Well, as much as they can be. You know, we are kind of in an odd place. Addison and I only intended to be out in Florida till January of next year. As we will be welcoming our little one into the family at that time, we will stick around for a few more months afterwards to make sure we have got a hold on the parenting thing first. So, knowing we will be leaving a few months after baby is born, we do not want to move a whole new slew of baby things. So, no: we are not painting a nursery. No, we do not have a crib yet. No, we do not have a high chair. This whole "nesting" thing will kind of be on hold till we are in a more permanent place ;) I have to put all my excitement for those things aside for now. Sigh. 
I have been water coloring! I have always loved watercolor, and I got an itch for it a few weeks back. Unfortunately, sitting for too long really bothers my I paint sparingly. Much less than I would like. I am dealing with my kidney pain daily...that makes things difficult. But I am really glad that my kidney pain has nothing to do with the well-being of the baby. 
I found a frog in my car this week! I guess that's when you know you live in Florida?

There have been some delicious dishes in our home this week! 
I am getting used to my new duties at work. I attend the characters, and recently spent the day with the boss ;)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

a recommendation.

I am an avid watcher of movies and television. And although, I am not always up to date on the latest episode (we survive on Netflix and Hulu) I keep up on the really good stuff. 

I stumbled upon a little gem yesterday, that I may be totally behind on, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Now if you enjoy Downton Abbey, The Counte of Monte Cristo, Nicholas Nickleby, etc, this is for you! 

PBS "Great Expectations" is on Netflix. It is a 3 episode mini series, and completely haunting, as it should be. And just in time for Halloween too. I had never seen/read "Great Expectations" and I was jaw dropped, and gasping about every 15 minutes. So well done. The visuals are stunning, the acting, just right, and the story is illuminating. Loved it. It is not for the faint if heart. I still can't stop thinking about it. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

our first Halloween party!

Addi and I looooove Halloween! So we knew we had to spend a few extra bucks to go to Mickeys not-so-scary Halloween party. And can I say, it did not disappoint! We loooooved the parade. We've never met so many amazing characters. The fireworks were amazing. I thought I would zonk out at 10 or so. At 12:30, I finally looked at the time, and realized the park was closing and I was still going strong. We literally ran around, giddy the whole night! We may have paid for it the next worth it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

baby welch: 21 week progress shot.

  • frosty's
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • chocolate we think the baby likes chocolate this week?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

baby welch: 19 week progress shot.

  •  airhead extreme sour strips
  • mambas
journal entree: august 20th/2013.
      "I was at Target-in so much pain. we came home & I layed in the fetal position :( finally called the OB nurse. She said my uterus was stretching-it's what contractions feel like...All my hip ligaments were stretching. It was so painful! 
        The best part was Addi taking care of me-you could tell he felt so helpless. He brought me chocolate milk, watermelon, and mambas in bed. He did a card trick for me. Played jazz music and just sat and talked. Such a sweet man. He was trying his hardest to get me to think of something else. I was so worried! But this little one is kicking me as I write!
        After the tylenol/heating pad kicked in-I felt much better, and all will work out. So glad to have my Addi." 

Monday, September 16, 2013

baby welch: 17 week progress shot.

  • finally craving sweet things again
  • can't suck in my bump anymore
  • got to hear the heartbeat!
  • felt my first kick @ 15 weeks
  • heartburn/indigestion-beware of mexican food/spaghetti sauce!
  • popsicles :)
  • avocados
  • skittles

Sunday, September 15, 2013

baby welch: memoirs of a pregnant woman.

pregnancy took me by surprise. you'd think with 3 sisters and 2 sister in laws, I'd have a clue-but it's totally different when it happens to you!

you know you're pregnant when...
  • you run through your feeds on Pinterest, Instagram, and FB hoping not to catch a glimpse of food
  • you run through the grocery store barely looking up at your list, afraid you might see something that makes you gag
  • you discover acne in the oddest places, like your armpit for example...
  • you cry at commercials 
  • you smell yourself so that you don't have to smell your surroundings
  • you are so nervous to go to work in the fear that you might throw up on a child
  • you can't sleep for no apparent reason
  • you sleep 12 hours and don't feel a tad guilty about it
  • you google every bodily function
  • you think that people who post pictures of their food on insta and FB are cruel
  • you are bugged by the: "were you trying?" question. k, let's talk about this common phrase used after you tell someone you're expecting. if you had been trying for a while-touchy subject. if you WEREN'T trying? touchier subject. i admit, i am not either of these, but what a personal question! I wonder why it's become such a common follow-up.
  • you clean the toilet in anticipation of your head being in it, throwing up, a couple minutes later
  • you finally understand exactly what those sick people, with the popped bubbles over their heads in comic strips felt like:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

baby welch: 14 week progress shot.

journal entree, july 20th/2013:

       "Last night I had a dream about a baby boy. He had freckles-like me, Addisons toes, my noes, looooong legs, and Elvis/Landon hair :) I woke up from this dream with my arms still holding a baby-laying in my bed! It took me a while to figure out that my baby was still in my tummy. I woke up peaceful and so happy. I've never had a dream like that. It was incredible. Now I dunno if that means my baby is gonna look like that-but I could feel a little spirit-that I was so excited to meet. So nervous that I wouldn't know how to do everything just right-but so excited to try."

  • 2nd trimester!! 
  • feeling more consistently better
  • watermelon
  • cinnamon life

Thursday, September 12, 2013

baby welch: 11 week progress shot.

  • soooooo sick, throwing up at work is no fun.
  • acne in the oddest of places.
  • fetal position is the best.
  • i love my couch
  • bloated
  • i can feel my pulse ALL THE TIME-if i sit still and look at my belly, it pulses visably.
  • weird dreams
  • water makes me sick
HAPPY THINGS: (i was pretty miserable this week, so i had to sit down and make a list of the good)
  • promethazine!!!!
  • looking at my 1st ultrasound pic
  • chocolate milk
  • checking my prego apps everyday
  • sprite
  • facetiming family
  • bananas
  • other suffering prego people-UNITE!
  • when Addi makes dinner
  • when Addi cleans!
  • "pinteresting" baby things on my private baby board! sneakyyyyy!
  • 2 hours of feeling good (in a row!)
  • reading blogs
  • fries
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • Utah plans
  • "call the midwife"
  • "the office"
  • "parenthood"
  • clean sheets
  • chats with my momma

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

baby welch: 9 week ultrasound!

journal entree June 16th, 2013:
"Happy Father's Day!!!
      well, i found out i was pregnant on Mother's Day, and i threw up for the first time on Father's Day...I blew my no throw up streak! :( oh well. good to know i'm still pregnant. 1st ultrasound tomorrow!!
I can't wait!!"

my small gift to Addi for his 1st father's day.
June 17th, 2013

"The 1st ultrasound went awesome. I was told to drink 32 oz of water before i came....i threw it up on the side of the road on my way to the ultrasound...158 heart rate, measuring 9 weeks, January 20th is the official due date!! :)"
it looks like a gummy bear! the head is on the left of the picture, and the body on the right. the little bright line above the baby is the yoke sack. soooooo cool!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

baby welch: 8 week progress shot.

  • 1st dr's appt-scary!
  • zero energy
  • morning sickness-not just in the morning
  • no interest in food

Monday, September 9, 2013

a trip to the ER.

so pregnancy has really sent me for a loop. i don't think anyone can know what they're in for until they're there...but then people may never get pregnant! 

disclaimer-this may be TMI for some...pregnancy ain't glamorous!!

it all started Monday at 1:30 AM. i got up in the middle of the night with severe lower right back pain, and some other discomforts. i woke up Addison to get a blessing, and tried to sleep it off. by 2 am, we were headed to the ER-which i have never been to before in my life. i thought i might have a severe UTI or something? everything checked out, but i was still in severe pain! they sent me home and told me to take some tylenol. i writhed on the couch for the rest of the night so Addison could get some sleep. by about 11 the next morning, the pain had subsided. i started doing some research, and was convinced i had kidney stones. 
the next day i had my big ultrasound/dr's appt! they said that all the samples came back negative again, and that they would check my kidneys in the ultrasound just in case. my right kidney was swollen. 

by wednesday i was still sore and getting more uncomfortable by the minute-but all my samples had come back negative?? things just kept getting worse. by thursday they were unbearable again. i just kept praying that someone would know what to do, as i had already sought out medical attention twice! finally, i mentioned my discomfort to a manager i happened to talk to at work that day, who recommended his Urologist to me. HEAVEN SENT!!

i saw the Urologist Friday morning, who barely had to look at my sample to informed me i had a severe UTI that needed immediate attention. he also had some concerns about my right kidney, that i will have a follow up with once my infection is gone. could be a kidney stone? could be hydronephrosis? could just be very irritated that my infection got as far as it did.

i am sooooooo grateful to report that i feel wonderful today. my kidneys have not so much as squeaked since Friday, so keep praying that they don't-at least for another 4 months! i am soooo grateful to Addi, who learned what monistat is this week-and also survived a walmart run at 10 pm, toting monistat, GINORMOUS pads, and a heating pad...whoever checked him out must've thought it was a pretty rough night at the welch home...they would be right. i am so grateful for Priesthood blessings-and my angels out in florida. good news is-BABY is completely amazing. heart rate, ultrasound, all is healthy and happy.

what's funny is that my mom and i happened to be in the ER at the same time-on opposites sides of the continent. she was on a 2 week long hike in california and broke her ankle in 3 spots and tore every ligament in her foot. she had to be life-flighted! we both found out the next morning that we'd had similar nights-hers being much more traumatic and awful than mine! here's her with her fancy scooter that has made her week bearable!
here's to a speedy recovery for all!

baby welch: goofy news. week 5

I whispered some news of mine to Goofy this week. he was so excited :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

baby welch: finding out about our poppyseed. week 4

journal entree, May 13th, 2013:

     "Happy Mother's Day!! Yesterday! i have some exciting news that i've been BURSTING to tell someone! we're gonna have a BABY!! Whaaaaat?! can you believe it? we are so excited. we have been wanting this for a while-but we were just waiting to have steady jobs with insurance :) we can't wait to meet our little poppyseed! we thought we might find out on Mother's Day-but we had 1 positive test, and 2 negative? so odd. today we got 2 positive.
     I was having a hard time yesterday, especially about living here in Florida. I get lonely. Gma Sheri is back home on her death bed and we will never be able to see her again in this life...we had bad car troubles this week and had to figure things out ourselves. i've just been feeling a lack of connetion with people. i got to work and work with some nice girls but mostly not. i don't want to waste my time trying to be friends with them. i call my mom/sister almost everyday because it's good to feel a good connection with someone who knows and cares for you. and sometimes i feel that i demand too much quality time out of Addison. i bet he's exhausted. i feel a little purpose-less here...but i poured my soul out to Addison-unleashing feelings i didn't even know i had-while bawling the whole time. (i should've known i was pregnant then!) and Addison offered me a Priesthood blessing-such a sweet and righteous husband! i sure do love him. the blessing was just what i needed to hear and feel assurance that the Lord knew my struggles and that He cares and is there for me to pour out my heart to anytime. He will fulfill my quality time needs :) i felt so comforted and loved. then this morning I decided to take one more pregnancy test and it was positive-i knelt down immediately, thanking Heavenly Father for this opportunity to raise one of his beautiful children. i quietly rubbed Addi on the shoulder and whispered, "you're gonna be a Daddy." we rejoiced together!
      I spent the next couple of hours looking up information on pregnancy and trying to figure out a due date :) i'm so excited.
      I now feel a sense of righteous purpose here. i can go to work every day knowing that i am saving up to have a baby and give it the best care i can. i know out here we can have full time jobs in a career that is beneficial for our profession. we can have health insurance! we are here so that we can give our baby a great start. also, so that they'll know how cool we once were because we worked for Disney.
     I couldn't stop smiling all day. we went to blizzard beach. I watched Addison go off the huge drop slide. i waited patiently at the bottom, knowing i had precious cargo! oh, the sacrifices i'm already making! haha! it's going to be very hard for me not to tell my mom and sister. we did, however, tell Gma Sheri this morning. she could go and any time-she hasn't eaten or had anything to drink in 20 days. cancer is taking over. we told her that she may meet this little pumkin before we do and that she needs to do her best to teach it everything to be just like her.
     we are so beyond thrilled! this is going to be our biggest adventure yet!
                                                                                                    Love, momma-to-be-Bre"

Saturday, September 7, 2013

baby welch: the first dr's appt: a horror story.

well, now that our secret is out, it's time to play some catch up!

soooo, i don't know much about OBGYNs-or how to find a good one. apparently, there's this thing where if you're looking for a doctor to deliver your firstborn child, and look at your lady parts for 9 months, you might want to get a good one? or maybe even just talk to some people around you and see who they liked? yeah...i didn't get that memo. my mom found my OBGYN on my insurance website-truth be told, it was the first one that popped up. my mom's a spiritual giant, how could her instinct go wrong?

well, i will tell you how.

we're driving along, on the way to my 8 week appt. we are in this beautiful nice area, and we are 30 seconds away. we turn on the last street in our directions-the street my doctor is on. BOOM-ghetto. we pull into the "clinic" and sit in the car for a second. all the "1st baby appointment!" jitters gone. I've been really excited to do this appointment and see if this baby is real, so i decide that we should go in. we walk up the flight of stairs and notice that there are bullet holes in the windows...uhhh...

people, i'm serious.

we walk in to the lobby, and the check-in window looks like it's on lock down. a big metal door has been slid shut tight across the i go and knock on it? it opens up after a few seconds (maybe they were checking the video feed to make sure i wasn't dangerous?)  and Miss Cathy, the receptionist, with a gold tooth checks me in and hands me a bunch of paperwork. she shut the window after herself. we sit down for a few minutes...and i decide this isn't for me. we bolt outta there before miss cathy opens her window again. as we're walking out to the parking lot, we notice our doctors parking spot is now filled with a blue truck, and a sweet looking man is walking into the building. his scrubs say Dr. B-that must be our doctor! he didn't look so bad! we got in our car, said a little prayer. i reaaaaaally wanted to do my first appointment. and we go back in. somehow, the lobby is packed now.

we filled out the paperwork and waited for an hour. needless to say, that hour was not boring. the ladies in the lobby had a ball discussing everything under the sun. if Addison was uncomfortable about any birth control/breastfeeding/cycle-talk that my family puts him through-he was on a whole new level. quotes from this day consist of:

  • "oh, you on the pill? you gonna get pregnant."
  • (on the topic of 'c' sections) "they can take out all my insides-just take out those fallopians while they're at it-my kids are gonna kill me from the inside out anyway."
  • "oh, my baby daddy's family doesn't like that birth control"
  • first woman: "you get the IUD? you don't have a period for 3 months"
                 second woman: "oh, that'd be nice"
                 third woman: "mmm-mm! then you be bleedin' clots next time it comes!"

Addison busied himself by doing some light reading:
finally, a surly nurse with long corn rows took my vitals and asked all those awky questions. then my doctor came in for the pelvic exam.

the man we saw in the parking lot was not my doctor.

Bernie Mac is my doctor, complete with a gold scorpion chain necklace. he spoke about 3 sentences to me, and looked at me once...and that was during the pelvic exam...i even cracked a few jokes in all my my paper draping they have you wear and pretend is a dress (it's not.) Bernie and surly nurse were not having it.

after we got in the car, and Addison took me out to breakfast, i was finally able to laugh about it all! pelvic exams are hard enough as it is, in the middle of Kaysville Utah, with a mormon bishop as your doctor. we couldn't help but think of our grandma Sheri, and how hard she must be laughing. she would always tell us that we needed to collect war stories to tell our kids.

i definitely felt like i had just been through war.

they also ordered me a sickle cell test...must've been a force of habit?

i guess it's about time we told you...

I have a confession to make. we sent these out a few days ago :)