Saturday, August 17, 2013

quite the pair.

Addison and I, we are really quite a team. You know, being out in Florida has opened up my eyes to a lot of things about ourselves as a couple. First of all, our social life has seen a major decline since we left Utah. With two full time-theme-park-hour schedules, anything on top of that is quite a commitment. We haven't really found a balance for it. But you know, we really entertain each other quite well despite our lack of human contact. Addison always makes me laugh. A day with opposite schedules is rough...but I LIVE for that hour or two we can squeeze in a late night chat on the bed, or an afternoon stroll, or even just a quick bowl of cereal (yes, we really do live off this stuff). Last week we had a whole day day at the beach together and it was true bliss! I love having so much to talk about with this guy. When we were dating, that's what set Addison apart from any other guy-man, can we talk. 

We also bonded over our hate for leftovers this last week. 
It was time to clear a few dinners out of the fridge...and man have we dreaded that moment. We finally decided to do it together...and as we were man-ing up, Addison pulled out his beach towel and wrapped it around his head. I looked at how ridiculous he looked, looked back at the leftovers, and decided the towel was better. He wrapped me up too. Then we had to document our ridiculousness. 

I really hate working full time. It's a sick, grown-up realization when you figure out that working full time is a life commitment and totally expected of you in order to survive. It's just so much time to spend away from those most important to you. It makes me sad. Makes me wish I lived in an ancient tribe, where your job was to gather food for your family. Instead of working for someone to get money to pay for food for your family. How weird are we? So much simpler back then. I digress.

But, I think that that's what I'll remember most about Florida, is making the best out of two crazy full time schedules, and what we did with the time we had together. Working in the park is memorable, but in a different way. You truly are working with the masses everyday-people blur together with every passing hour. I try and remember and write down the ones that really touch me...but even then, I have to remember that most of the love I receive is not for me. They love what I represent.

Addison never blurs together for me. And he loves me for every aspect of who I am. We have grown stronger in this experience, and had to make up for all those we left behind in Utah.

Home is where the heart is, right?

Ps-I may just be gushing about my boyfriend because I came home to a completely cleaned apartment tonight. Major points, babe.

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TyandMar said...

Sometimes I wonder why we go to the hassle of storing leftovers in Tupperware when it just sits in the fridge and gets moldy! :) good intentions. Nothing worst then cleaning out smelly old food. I think Addison is onto something here. He should patent it and sell it on qvc! Mold be gone! The easy way to clean out your fridge. :)