Monday, August 12, 2013

My goodness! What a whirlwind week! Landon, Alex, and the kids Andrew and Sophia were visiting this week. Addison and I briefly met Alex and the kids while when we were home in the spring, but this week we've really gotten to know them. How fun to gain a niece and nephew! And what characters they both are. Andrew has an insane imagination, he could play with his toys all day all by himself and never get bored. Sophia is a little personality! She is outgoing, and not afraid to tell you what is exactly on her mind. She actually pointed at Addison's bone on his big toe yesterday and said, "what is that?"-with slight disgust. And Addison said it was a bone inside his foot! Without second hesitation she says, "well, you should probably go to the bathroom and poop it out so you can get rid of it." What?! Who thinks like that! Haha! We got the biggest kick out of it. Here are some pictures of their trip so far:
At the T-Rex Cafe. There are animatronic dinosaurs everywhere! So fun for the kids! 

Such a fun week, I can't believe they leave tomorrow! But on the upside, I guess everyone decided to come visit in our last few months here. We will rarely not have visitors from now on! Jack and Brian from playmill come next!

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TyandMar said...

Wow looks like a blast! So glad they could come visit you! You guys are sure lucky to have so many visitors!