Wednesday, July 31, 2013

missionary work.

I think my favorite part of living in Florida is the missionary work that takes place here-that we get to witness, practically every week! It truly is so exciting. With Addison as a ward missionary, and me teaching Gospel Principles to the new converts and investigators-it truly is happening in front of our eyes. I've never served a mission, this is really my first experience seeing such powerful inspiration and conversion for myself-and it gives me chills!
I love the gospel. 
I love how happiness spread when the gospel goes forward. 
I love the look in someones' eyes who is feeling the spirit, and hasn't yet gotten used to the Lord's warm embrace. I take it for granted sometimes. 
I love studying the scriptures, I feel stronger and more purposeful every time I do. 
I love knowing that my dear ones that have passed on are right here, rooting for me. 
I love the family. 
I love the temple, and the new vigor I get to be better each time I exit its doors. 
I love being outside and away from technology and distraction. I get so distracted sometimes, and it worries me. I already get worried for my kids! So many distractions from true happiness, and relationships-with each other and God.


TyandMar said...

So cool bre! Meredith tells me some of her closest friends in California are the missionaries too! She loves having them over or going to appts with them. Glad you could serve your own mini mission in Florida!

SamanthaZ said...

You are so beautiful. I am glad to hear of all the work you are doing. It is truly an example of every member a missionary.