Wednesday, June 26, 2013

too darn hot.

so, coming to Florida, i knew that it was gonna be warmer than i expected. but i lived in Hawaii for a summer, i've felt that kind of heat before right? wrong. this heat is different. it's evil. and don't pray for rain either, it just makes it muggier! it's kinda like this:

man i just want fall already. i seriously cannot wait for October. it is my absolute favorite month! caramel apples, pumpkin carving, harry potter parties, my birthday, eating pumpkin seeds, not-so-scary movies, ugh. October can not get here fast enough.

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TyandMar said...

See, I was wondering why everyone on instagram was wishing to come to florida right's just as hot there as here, right?! Except you have humidity! Either way, it's been super hotta here. I was pining for October the other day! I love the Fall!! My favorite time of year.